Flatwork – Can You Believe Gray and Be Green

It’s true. Flatwork is eco friendly to the environment because it does not release toxins into the atmosphere. It is completely natural and won’t emit tar based residues into the ground. The materials are non-combustible — safer for your home in the event of a fire.

drivewayBetter yet, any type or style of flatwork — inside or outside — adds value and prestige to your property. When flatwork is used as a flooring material, it brings durability, strength and decoration for a very low price. Flatwork lasts longer than brick, stone or woodwork and needs very little maintenance to retain its beauty.

Flatwork is widely used in two different ways which include traditional and decorative work. Traditional flatwork is commonly used on basement floors, driveways, garages, patios, and side walk surfaces. Colored or design stamped, is common to external areas around the home that people walk on. It can bring distinctive character and enhanced beauty to driveways, approaches, porches and patios.